Twenty Three (23) Credits & pass a Civics Test for High School Graduation (Downloadable List).

Graduation implies that students have satisfactorily completed the prescribed courses of study, passed all examinations and met all set requirements.

  • English: 4 Credits

  • Social Studies: 3 Credits
    ◦ 1 credit U.S. History
    ◦ 1 credit Problems of Democracy
    ◦ Tribal History ½ cr.
    ◦ Tribal Government ½ cr

  • Math: 3 Credits
    ◦ College bound students need Algebra I and above

  • Science: 3 Credits (college bound students need Lab Science credits)
    ◦ Physical Science
    ○ Biology
    ○ Plus an additional science credit

  • Physical Education: 1 Credit ( ½ credit in Health and ½ credit in PE)

  • Hidatsa Language: 1 Credit

  • Fine Arts/Career & Technical courses: 3 Credits

  • Electives: 5 Credits

  • Cyber Security Course 1 Credit


The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) will require students and school districts to implement the choice ready initiative at the High School level as part of the Accountability Plan for the District. This replaces the “Adequate Yearly Progress” (AYP) reports under No Child Left Behind.

The North Dakota choice ready framework is a tool to assist educators to ensure all students successfully depart high school possessing the essential skills necessary to be ready for life. The journey begins by ensuring students leave having the essential skills to be successful for whichever path they choose. Students shall then strive to be post-secondary ready, workforce ready,  and/or military ready. The indicators in each section are outlined in the linked document, as well as a downloadable check sheet to follow your students progress.

North Dakota Choice Ready Requirements

Choice Ready Check Sheet


HOUSE BILL NO. 1087 was passed and it created a new section to chapter 15.1-21 of the North Dakota Century Code, relating to the demonstration of proficiency in civics AS A CONDITION OF HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION. High School students must take the test and pass with 70% proficiency. 

Click for a copy of the Civics Test Study Guide.